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The Bryce Companies has been heavily involved in the redevelopment and resurgence of Troy’s urban center. Our goal is to make Troy the great city it once was. By redeveloping some of the City’s most dramatic, central real estate, we are attracting exciting tenants, and bringing life back to this beautiful city.  

Who we are

The Bryce Companies is a family-run organization, tracing its business roots back to 1876. Entering the residential real estate sector in the 1960s, Bryce Real Estate quickly gained a large market presence. Looking to commercial development, The Bryce Companies was formed in 1990 by David W. Bryce, II. Raised in Troy and a graduate of RPI, David and the Bryce family have a passion for Troy and its success.


The Bryce Companies

The Bryce Companies represents a network of other related organizations:


Bryce Properties, LLC

Atrium Services, LLC

Hudson River Place, LLC

Riverfront Ventures, LLC

Quackenbush Properties, LLC

Uncle Sam Garages, LLC

The Team

David Bryce, AIA - President, Architect, Developer

K. Denton Bryce - Vice President, Project Manager​

Marc Skipp - Chief Operating Officer

Will Brown - Maintenance Supervisor

Annalara Ellerup - Office Manager

In addition to the listed staff, we employ a maintenance and construction staff of 10 and a cleaning staff of 20

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